Thermofoil is a popular cabinet material offered by Arizona Cabinet Door Store. Its name may sound a bit technical, but its construction is fairly simple. Thermofoil is made by heat fusing a layer of vinyl to an MDF core (Medium Density Fiberboard). The vinyl is formed to the routed surface by heat, pressure, vacuum, and water based glue. The result is a durable surface that is smoother than paint.


It is superior to the standard painted door. First it is much less likely to chip as compared to paint. Thermofoil comes in solid colors as well as wood grain, stone, and metallic looking finishes. Thermofoil is made to last. Second it"s surface is going to be more consistent and smooth than a painted door. Third, the surface is essentially a thin layer of vinyl, it is easier to clean using standard household cleaning products.

The most important benefit is the money out of your pocket. Thermofoil is available for both budget conscious shoppers and those looking for a high end product.


  1. Thermofoil counter tops can be made with unique shapes. Soft, seamless edges that don’t trap liquids or bacteria.
  2. Unparalleled durability.
  3. Features a “cleaner” look than edge banded components.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Cost-effective: achieve the look of natural wood without the cost.
  6. Available in a wide variety of styles from classic to contemporary.
  7. Many rich, textured colors are available which appeal to all of the senses.